The City of Telde is located in the Southeast of the Island of Gran Canary ,14 kms from the capital.  With more that 650 years of existence, it has a large amount of historical landmarks and was even granted the Papal Bull in 1351 and became a city.

Telde was head of one of two Guanartematos or kingdoms in which the Island was divided many years ago.  Following the Spanish conquest in 1483, the area became a large city and centre  of agriculture and commerce. Telde became a rich and prosperous zone and with this came a remarkable social and cultural lifestyle.

First plane of Telde. Leonardo Torriani ca.1592.



Telde at the present time

Visiting the 101 Km2, of this municipality, without a doubt will show you the true heart of  canarian life. This old large city conserves some of the richest landscaping, archaeological, historical  and artistic  wealth of the archipelago.

The city, second most important on Gran Canaria, is approaching  100,000 inhabitants of whom 60% are under 30 years old. It is a first class Industrial and mercantile center, however it also has amazing urban spaces for leisure, sport and culture.


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